Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hats 'n Hallelujahs Gospel Brunch

Well, The Hats 'n Hallelujahs Gospel Brunch was a great success! We all had a mah-velous time and agreed upon leaving that we would most definitely do it again next year!!!! We raised about $1000 for our dear Iberia Habitat and displayed some of the most A-mazing hats in the Free World--move over Kentucky Derby--the Berry Queens are in the house, hunnies! I am including some pictures for your enjoyment and hope if you did not make it this year, you will make plans to do so in 2012!

The Berry Queens will host our first ever Hats 'n Hallelujahs Gospel Brunch on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at The Sliman Theater in New Iberia, LA from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. as a community feel good event and fun-raiser! We will be featuring Brunch by Cajun Catering, including breakfast casserole, cheese grits, pig candy, biscuits and strawberry jelly, coffee, juice and mimosas and most excellent music provided by local parishwide Gospel music singers and performers. It will be an event NOT TO MISS! Tickets are $25 each and available by calling our IHFH office and speaking to Miss Audrey 337-367-3083.

Third O-fficial Berry Queen Ball & Pageant, Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, hunnies--our third event ended in great success! We crowned another Her Royal Hi-ness, Queen of Cars, A.K.A. Kelli Patout Romero and raised $20,000.00 for Iberia Habitat for Humanity. We also made the debut performance of "Iberia Girl" which drove the crowd all frenzified!!!! It was AWESOME and next year is already being put together, so mark it on your calendar and prepare to be A-mazed. Friday, September 16, 2011 at The Cade Community Center. Don't miss it, sugars!

Friday, September 25, 2009

2nd O-fficial Berry Queens' Ball and Pageant!

Best Theme II winner, "Queen Pole-een, The Berry Queen, Dancin' for the Chirren'!!!!

September 25th-Well, the 2nd O-fficial Berry Queens' Ball was a wunderful success and was sooooo much fun!!!! We raised over $12,000.00 this year for Iberia Habitat for Humanity with out little shindig and The Board of Director's couldn't be more pleased!!!! I want to thank all the DIVAs, DIVA Queens, Queens, Wannabees, Stalk Studs and Sponsors who made this thing "do what it do!" Ya'll are berry awesome!!!

We'll see ya'll at the parade on Sunday, September 27th at 2 p.m. on Main Street and Make SURE AND SAVE THE DATE: September 17, 2010 for our 3rd O-fficial Berry Queens' Ball and Pageant!!!!!! Til then, BE SWEET, SUGARS!!!!

Queen Em Cee did a fantabulous job for us!!! Photography for our ball was done by Roger Broussard in New Iberia, LA

Her Royal Hi-ness, Queen of The Berry 2009 QUEEN OF QUACK, AKA April Defelice and Queen Most Likely to Wear Majorette Boots

Congratulations to our new 2009 Berry Queens' Court: Front row: L to R~Amy Courrege, Queen Choc-A-lotta Runnin'~First Runner Up and Ms. Berry Sweet; April Defelice, Queen of Quack~Her Royal Hi-ness, Queen of The Berry 2009 and Queen Most Likely to Wear Majorette Boots; Shelli Helms, Queen Domestic Goddess~Golden Rule Queen; Lory Landry, Queen LeauxLa~Third Runner Up and Booty-licious Queen (which should have been BOOBY-licious Queen); Betty Romero, Queen Hell N Heels~Best S&G Queen; Angela Langlinais, Queen DIVA Doc~Queen Bee Creative; Jeanne Schenk, Queen de Cuisine Art~Second Runner Up and Best Theme Queen; Cherie Lord, Queen Des Colores~Biggest Hair of the Ball

Congratulations to each of them!!! I don't know HOW the judges decided on a winner for ANYTHING because they were all sooooooo A-mazing!!!!! The tables were awesome--the costumes were AWESOME and the presentations of the queens were FANTABULOUS!!!! There wasn't a DUD in the bunch!

Queen of Good Will struts her stuff on stage!

This year, I had a new wig--a new attitude--and I used my "rapping skills" to say "thankyewberrymuch" to all the folks in the crowd with my original song "The Berry Queen Jam" set to "This Is Why I'm Hot!" of course!!!!

Speaking of "H-O-T", our DIVAs were looking partikularly wunderful for our event! Front row (L to R) Sandra DeRouen, Queen of the Cruiser; Elaine Drago-Queen of Dippity Do Back row (L to R) Kristine Trahan, Queen of Ice; Roxie Boudreaux, Queen High Maintenance and HEAD DIVA 2008; Susan Sinitiere, Queen de Sacs; Judy Vaughn, Queen Easy Rider; Tessie Dore, Queen of Sold and Vice DIVA 2009; Suzie Charpentier, Queen Camil Feaux

Me and My DIVAs share a minute together looking fabulous for the camera!!!!
Front (L to R) Peggy Meyers, Queen Prim & Proper; Susan Sinitiere, Queen des Sacs; Me-myownself, Queen de Bling, LUVer of All Things Sparkly and Berry Head Boss Queen, ad infinitum; Brenda Langlinais, Queen Mum and HEAD DIVA 2009; Amy Allen, Queen of the Scene Back (L to R) Tessie Dore, Queen of Sold; Pat Richard, Queen of Hearts and Vice DIVA 2008; Kristine Trahan, Queen of Ice; Judy Vaughn, Queen Easy Rider; Roxie Boudreaux, Queen High Maintenance and HEAD DIVA 2008; Elaine Drago, Queen of Dippity Do; Suzie Charpentier, Queen Camil Feaux

The Stalk Studs, including our HEAD STALK STUD, Buddy Boudreaux "Maintenance Man" (in the white boa and hat) were all looking might kewt!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Counting Down the Days!!!!

We are flat SOLD OUT, hunnies!!!! 350 plus tickets and it is waiting list only--so if you did not get your ticket--you better call Miss Audrey and get on the list at 337-367-3083 lickity split before everyone else who slacked off and didn't get theirs!!!!! It is going to be soooooo much fun! I cannot wait! We have some very special things planned and some very special guests, too!!!!

Hope to see you there on September 18th!!!!!!

Also, sugars, don't forget to get your Kacey Jones tickets--$15 each for Saturday night's concert--September 19th. She is HE-he-helarious!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 Berry Queens' Hi! Tea

Our tea this year was soooooooo much fun and the hats were gi-normous and fabulous!!! Thanks to Queen Good Will for the use of her most bee-you-tee-ful home and to all the Queens/DIVA Queens and DIVAs who provided us with the deelicious and deelectible treats!!! Many thanks, too, to Queen of Sold, for the wunderful door prizes which she so graciously provides us for our events! We are gearing up for our 2009 Berry Queens' Ball and Pageant and I was able to introduce the 2008 members to our newest members and contestants for this year's event. They are kewt as they can be and so talented, too! We all just can't wait and hope you will come out and support Iberia Habitat for Humanity and The Berry Queens at our event. I have it on good authority that Her Honorable-ness, Mayor Hilda Curry will be attending our event, as well as a few other special guests, too! We hope that you will come see. Tickets go on sale August 1st and will be available from The Berry Queen members and by calling the Iberia Habitat for Humanity office at 337-367-3083! Till then, here are a few photos of our most recent event for your enjoyment! I will put up the rest of the photos when I get them! Thanks to Queen Mum for providing these from her veryowncamera!!!! Also, many thanks to Angelina at Jolie Fleur florist for donating the most excellent centerpiece for our event. She is the designer of last year's winning table arrangement for our DIVA Beverly, so we can't wait to see what she will do this year!!!!
Isn't it FABULOUS!!!!!!
Now, on to our Hi! Tea pics...

The food was DEELICIOUS and A-plenty!!!!

Queen DIVA DOC used Hostess cupcakes to represent each of our newest Queenly competitors!

Queen DIVA Doc and new DIVA Queen Susan

Queen Angel, Queen LeauxLa, Queen Cher Be'be', and Queen of Sold~our Doorprize DIVA

Two of our Potentials with Queen Green and New DIVA Queen Lynette

Queen Cuisine~Art and former judge, Mati'

The Queens pose for a few photo ops!!!!
Finally, I have ONE LAST THING....We have one more competitor whom I have not yet introduced to you, yet...Queen Hell N. Heels

She is the next to last queen on the back row by Queen DIVA Doc and she has on a striped black and white hat. I JUST met Betty recently during the SPQ weekend and thought she would make a great addition to our competitors list, but Queen Cher Be'be' was sent on a SECRET mission to spend the weekend talking her into it and do you know--SHE DID IT! She came to me of her own free will and asked if she could participate (and there was only a semi-large amount of adult-like beverage involved!) without me having to do ANYTHING!!!! Ya'll are going to love her because not only is she funny--SHE ACTUALLY DOES WEAR HEELS ALL THE TIME!!! so her name really fits her! If you didn't get a chance to meet her--I hope you will soon!

I am thrilled about all the ladies who are participating this year--they are outstanding!!!! Ya'll Be Sweet!